Monday, July 2, 2018

Another Day in NY

Kids turn on the subway! Riding the subway in NY checked off on my bucket list.Each time I rode the subway, I was thinking of the movie, Ghost.

 We walked to a tea shop in search of mugs because earlier we had walked to another location and the girl stated that the nice mugs were at this location. We had a nice, scenic walk on the West Side.

 At the tea shop, there was only one mug and it wasn't extravagant. Therefore, Ashleigh got a scone instead. Then, we went back to Central Park. It was cloudy and drizzling at times. We had planned to go to Central Park Zoo, but ended up seeing the new Jurassic Park movie in Times Square.
We listened to a group sing and play music in the park

 We had dinner at Ellen's Stardust Diner. It was delightful and full of song!


Chris and I ventured to a timeshare presentation and rode the subway from Grand Central Terminal. It was an adventure!

 The afternoon consisted of Ashleigh and I going on an adventure through Times Square followed by the evening performance of the musical, Frozen.

 We arrive at St James Theater and to our surprise we see NYPD on horseback.
 Waiting on the show included Ashleigh purchasing some mugs. I love how she captures memories and fun times!

 The show was phenomenal! Disney did an amazing job-complete with snow falling at the end of the show!

 After the show, Ashleigh and I shared pasta at a local shop. We took Chris and the boys a pretzel and carrot cake (for Austin-this was his birthday cake).

Central Park and Happy Birthday to Austin

We had breakfast near our hotel, and then we took the bus tour to Central Park and this is where we spent most of our day!

Happy Birthday to Austin! 9 years old and loving life!

Whispering Bench near Shakespeare's Garden

Copying the statue of Romeo and Juliette

Alice and Wonderland

Times Square

Ashleigh, Austin , and I stepped into the Disney store in Times Square. Her love for The Little Mermaid (and she doesn't like the beach, too sandy) was a picture taken with her mermaid friends.