Sunday, February 4, 2018

Choirs and DC

Ashleigh and other members of the high school choirs were lucky to spend a couple of days in Washington DC. I was excited to be able to go also. We were able to tour many National Monuments and explore.  While Ashleigh has been to Washington DC (with a school group in 8th grade), this was my first visit to Washington DC. 

Our first day began with a stop at the White House.

Lincoln Memorial on the first night-

Washinton Monument and Capitol
Ashleigh's signature pose on "holding" buildings and structures in the palm of her hand.

The choir sang at the National Cathedral and Ashleigh had a solo too. (I was recording during the singing, but my phone's data became "filled" during the song with her solo. However, I think it was a glitch because it worked after that perfectly. Anyway-It was recorded by the choirs and I will try to download and upload here.)
Here is an attempt link: National Cathedral Her solo is the next to last song.

Ashleigh as President

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

We got SNOW!

2017 in review

Pictures throughout 2017 

 Playing Munchkin on New Years Eve

Christmas Season 2017

Christmas comes and goes go quickly! This year our church held 4 advent services with the last being Christmas Eve morning and we also had a a Christmas Eve evening service. Ashleigh and Austin also had Winter Concerts with their choirs. We enjoyed Christmas carols and Christmas songs throughout the season.

On Christmas Eve, Ashleigh baked sugar cookies and the boys frosted them. Austin decided to leave the entire container of cookies out and have Santa decide which one(s) he wanted to eat. Santa also was responsible for using the plate and closing the cookie container. (Bright idea!)
Ashleigh also made coconut ball and peanut butter balls (some people call these buckeyes).

Christmas morning-The kids took turns seeing what Santa brought. We had breakfast, went to a movie, had a nice homemade dinner, but most of all we enjoyed our time with each other as family!
The boys got a tent from Santa (also known as fort).

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Christmas in Ga

After a couple of days at Pappy and Grandma’s house, the kids are getting ready to go home. Playing in the driveway and movement is always a good idea before our drive. 

Spending time with my sister and her family was awesome! We talked and laughed and cried. We shared and ate. We played outside with the football. We played inside video games and put together a puzzle.