Friday, June 15, 2018

Blueberries...Broccoli Cheese Soup

We went to a local blueberry farm and picked two buckets filled with blueberries. Yes, it was hot! Yes, I was sweating! Yes, we did have fun!

 When we got home, Austin helped make yogurt pops! And Ashleigh made homemade broccoli and cheese soup, she also juiced two 16 oz. jars of carrot, broccoli, celery juice. The broccoli soup was DELICIOUS!!

Field Day

Another day that I get teacher/mommy frills-Field Day. Since Austin is in third grade and I teach third grade, I was able to see him ALL day! I loved it! His class made t-shirts Here he is ready for the day!
My class made t-shirts too. Here are a few!

 Austin is participating in an event called The Statue of Liberty. I teased  him because we are going to New York in late June that he is getting ready to shine. He says that the plunger is nothing like the torch and doesn't understand why this event is named Statue of Liberty.

 Here he is with his best friend. The other boy is about two heads taller than Austin. Therefore, this "race" is a little harder, but they have fun.

 Rest is important on such a hot day! And so is lunch!

 Austin and his teachers-Mrs. Gandy and Ms. Wiechman

 Balloon Pop!! The balloon keeps slipping out and not popping. This was common for many kids as they did not weigh enough to pop the balloons.

 Three legged potato sack race!

June is here! (Half way complete!)

 Ashleigh is a Junior Marshall at the High School Graduation.

Rock walking and hiding. We hid and found this rock!
 Our family has been going on walks. Chris suggested that the boys bring the basketballs. On the second night, we weren't so sure that was a good decision. It does keep their minds occupied, so......
Chompers is along for the walk too!

 Last summer, I did a devotional through Teachers in the Word called Grace Changes Everything and each night on our walks I would tell Ashleigh about it. So this year I got her a book too and we are doing the devotion together. So far we have had a great time and a couple of laughs (especially about the fruit on page 14.)

College visits are on our agenda for the summer. We visited The College of Charleston. What a pretty campus.

We ate lunch at Caviar and Bananas and saw this is the freezer!

Dylan is going to 9th grade!

 I can not believe that Dylan is even old enough to be in 8th grade much less move up to 9th grade-A freshman. We are so proud of this kid! Tonight as he went up to get his certificate, he was able to go by himself without the help of an adult. He is such an inspiration to so many people. Another great thing is that he will attend CBHS with Ashleigh.

Breakfast of Champions

Ashleigh was invited to attend The Breakfast of Champions at CSU as she is the top person in her junior class. Chris and I are so proud of her accomplishments in academics. Not only is she taking classes at the high school, she is also enrolled in classes at Trident and works at the hospital as part of the Youth Apprenticeship Program.  Way to go, Ashleigh.

Even youth 
grow tired and weary 
and young men
stumble and fall;
but those who trust
in the Lord for Help 
will find thier
strength renewed.
They will soar with
wings as eagles. 
Isaiah 40: 30-31

Field Trip

 Austin had his school field trip a museum in downtown. I was fortunate to be able to go as a teacher since my class went the same day. Austin enjoyed using my camera and taking several pictures. We had such a fun time!