Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Christmas in Ga

After a couple of days at Pappy and Grandma’s house, the kids are getting ready to go home. Playing in the driveway and movement is always a good idea before our drive. 

Spending time with my sister and her family was awesome! We talked and laughed and cried. We shared and ate. We played outside with the football. We played inside video games and put together a puzzle. 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy Birthday Dylan!

 Dylan's 14-It is hard to believe! Yes, we all have our  labor of love stories, and Dylan's entrance into this world is definitely a memory I will NOT forget. (I am also sure my nieces and nephews, as well as, Chris will always remember that day on Dec. 21, 2003)
Love this kid! I am so proud of the young spirit he brings and the many opportunities of learning his life has brought to our family.
We celebrated Dylan's birthday at his favorite Mexican restaurant. Although he isn't wearing the sombrero, the celebration was complete with a birthday song and festivities such as popping bags at the restaurant. Dylan also received a cheesecake, (but truth be known-he really doesn't like sweets-maybe a brownie or chocolate chip cookie) and Ashleigh and I ate most.

We also celebrated Dylan's birthday when visiting Georgia. This time another favorite-Italian-spaghetti. This time I ate the dessert. 

Happy Birthday!

School Days for Me

It definitely was busy with end of quarter, "winter break" on the horizon, and family--

 Fun at work during Fa la la la Fashion Week-My grade level's "Christmas Card" Day

This is me Dressed like a Tree. I even wore this on a field trip with the Chorus as they sang locally. Another teacher dressed similarly and chaperoned also. You could definitely tell the teachers from the parents.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

December-Another 14 days

December - While it is true it is the most wonderful time of the year, it is also a busy time of the year. I have literally kept a calendar with specifics times (because I usually don't), had to speak with Ashleigh about her schedule everyday (and she had texted me her work times, home times, school times, etc), and we have been on the go.
Here are a few highlights through pictures and stories:

Madrigal Dinner-Presented by CBHS Chorale
Ashleigh was the jester during this three-course meal evening. We were treated as Lords and Ladies and enjoyed feasting, chivalry, music and revelry. 

 The Ladies Choir at CBHS sang at a local church in the Ceremony of Carols. Ashleigh had several solo parts. Be prepared for mama brag time-She has worked very hard this semester with her academics, her music, her work schedule, and her service at our church. She was selected as a Regional Choir member from  ACDA .

 Austin is a member of the chorus at his school. He had his first choral performance and it was awesome! He has a beautiful voice. (Between he and Ashleigh-Music is evident in our home. Whether it be a worship song, a pop song, a country song, or a song from a musical, we have it covered. Austin was singing just the other day a song we had sang at church---Come and Worship---and then he sang a line from the musical, Dear, Evan Hansen,---You Will Be Found. (think how these can be connected)

Decorating our tree-This year Austin helped me string the lights. We were able to enjoy egg nog, hot chocolate, and a variety of cakes and cookies too as we watched Christmas movies.

On the  evening of Dec. 6, St. Nicholas Day, around 9:00 p.m. our doorbell rings. It was a drizzling rain night. We opened the door to find that we had been "candy caned" by someone at our church. All these candy canes were hanging in our front yard.