Monday, July 17, 2017

Summer Days

After catching up with my sister this morning on the phone-I decided to catch up here too!

July summer days have been hot! We began the month with a vacation getaway for one night with Chris and I to Nashville. Since we had gone there last year and took in many sights and restaurants this year was somewhat a disappointment. The highlight was being able to get in the Bluebird Cafe (since Nashville-the tv show is practically the only thing I watch on television). It was exciting because we were able to listen to song writers in the round. The song writers discuss how they were inspired to write the song and background about each one. Then, the next person sang a song inspired from the prior and talked about its meaning. We also went to the Johnny Cash Museum and the GOO GOO cluster store. 
Later in the week, our family drove to Chimney Rock. We climbed 500 stairs to the flag (Yes, I'm out of shape and yes, I took breaks, but even younger people were taking breaks too.) It was hot! Dylan, Chris, and I rested at the main area while Ashleigh and Austin ventured 200+ more feet to Exclamation Point, the highest point. Going down was easy. When we reached the bottom, a small rain shower to cool off the area occurred. Thankfully, it was a brief rain and we were able to remain with our plan of hiking Hickory Nut Falls too.  We also ventured to Hickory Nut Falls, the place where Last of the Mohicans was filmed. The trail was not all stairs; therefore, seemed less strenuous. The waterfall at the end of the trail was worth it all!
We also went to our local Chick Fil A this month for Cow Day! Last year we made shirts and the boys were able to wear those again. Ashleigh and I tried to wear black and white and resemble a cow with colors. We enjoyed chicken and icedream all for FREE!! Later in the week, we went back to eat there and allow the boys times to play. It is so hot outside-inside play is best. Chick Fil A playground is perfect for them. Ashleigh and I are able to relax and talk too. (Yes, Chris is at work. One advantage I have as a teacher-summer with my kids!) 
Ashleigh also started her classes at Trident in regards to obtaining her CNA. She will begin this Friday working at the hospital. Clinicals for the CNA will be soon at a local nursing home. Ashleigh is very excited. She also received her first paycheck from orientation day and she states that she is saving her money. The boys and I celebrated her first week at Bigby Coffee ( I also had a BOGO coupon--and more to use too for upcoming weeks.) 
Going to the library is also a summer tradition. Ashleigh always gets books, and I make the boys get books too (at least 5 "everybody" books). I also got some books for me and for reading before student Book Clubs. (Yeah-me!)
Pictures are joyous moments of our happenings!

Cow Day-2017

Beginning of our family vacation-God's Promise

Ashleigh sharing her earbuds with Austin-sibley love

God's beautiful creation-the view with trees, mountains, and lake AND our 3 kids!

Ashleigh and Austin on their adventure and a stop called The Opera Box


Hickory Nut Falls trail

Our girl-enjoying the hot summer sun and outdoor adventuring

Love this,

love this,

and love this!
Ashleigh sharing earbuds with Dylan-sibling love

Friday, June 30, 2017

Library and Movies

First visit this summer to the library was a success! Ashleigh had reserved some books and she also got a few more. (She even bought a book. It was a bargain at 25 cents.) Dylan had no trouble finding book, but needed Ashleigh's help in deciding which ones to borrow this week. Austin chose his books mainly from the non-fiction section (I glad he is reading!), but he has many books from the Goosebumps series at home. Only 1 movie this time! That is ok because Dylan has been on a Guys and Dolls (Cane Bay High School Drama Company) watching spree too. He has watched the musical about 12-15 times; he has it memorized (I'm sure) and points to all of Ashleigh's friends during the production. 

The Cast

 Guys and Dolls pictures--Hart Photography

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Birthday for the Baby

I can't believe my baby is 8! However, I totally remembering all the waiting for him to arrive. With Austin being the last baby-I thought that he would be born before his due date (like the other two). But not Austin, he (and God) had a different plan. I was an anxious mama, but he was worth the wait and has kept me on my toes each day!
Ashleigh made this cake--all from scratch--cake and icing! It was delicious! (Even Dylan ate some--he likes that it tastes like a brownie.)

Cars 3 with the family

Waffle House too!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


This summer started with the last day of school and my house was filled with teens-Ashleigh's friends with games/movie and food after swimming. Then, boys and I were off to Ga. for a visit while Ashleigh held down the fort and attended graduation and had fun with friends. Back home and then off to 4 classes for me as I finished by gifted endorsement recognized by SC.  We also have had some outings at the lighthouse and downtown. Ashleigh completed orientation at Trident in relation to her dual enrollment and now we can continue with our summer plans and spur of the moment ideas. Here are some recent photos