Wednesday, December 20, 2017

December-Another 14 days

December - While it is true it is the most wonderful time of the year, it is also a busy time of the year. I have literally kept a calendar with specifics times (because I usually don't), had to speak with Ashleigh about her schedule everyday (and she had texted me her work times, home times, school times, etc), and we have been on the go.
Here are a few highlights through pictures and stories:

Madrigal Dinner-Presented by CBHS Chorale
Ashleigh was the jester during this three-course meal evening. We were treated as Lords and Ladies and enjoyed feasting, chivalry, music and revelry. 

 The Ladies Choir at CBHS sang at a local church in the Ceremony of Carols. Ashleigh had several solo parts. Be prepared for mama brag time-She has worked very hard this semester with her academics, her music, her work schedule, and her service at our church. She was selected as a Regional Choir member from  ACDA .

 Austin is a member of the chorus at his school. He had his first choral performance and it was awesome! He has a beautiful voice. (Between he and Ashleigh-Music is evident in our home. Whether it be a worship song, a pop song, a country song, or a song from a musical, we have it covered. Austin was singing just the other day a song we had sang at church---Come and Worship---and then he sang a line from the musical, Dear, Evan Hansen,---You Will Be Found. (think how these can be connected)

Decorating our tree-This year Austin helped me string the lights. We were able to enjoy egg nog, hot chocolate, and a variety of cakes and cookies too as we watched Christmas movies.

On the  evening of Dec. 6, St. Nicholas Day, around 9:00 p.m. our doorbell rings. It was a drizzling rain night. We opened the door to find that we had been "candy caned" by someone at our church. All these candy canes were hanging in our front yard.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

December is just beginning

The first weekend in December was busy at the Allen's house. Chris trimmed bushes in the front of the house and on the side of the house and the palm tree. Thankfully he had gas powered hedge trimmers.  We loaded the truck and took the debris to the local recycle yard. Ashleigh had to work (on a Saturday) because next week for her is crazy with last week of her college classes, choir, and drama, but when she got home our family headed to a local tree farm. While our drive to the tree farm was adventurous, the tree farm was not do compelling. We found a tree at Lowe's. While we were there we also got lights for our house and mulch. We put the tree on the stand and watered it. Austin helped me put the lights on the tree. (Ornaments will be on Wednesday) While Ashleigh and Chris put out the lights on the house, I put out the mulch. It became dark and the lights were not complete. Chris finished them on Sunday after church. That evening our small group went out to eat. We had a nice fellowship and time discussing our "wonders of the world" and our least favorite cookies. (It was nice meeting with our group as the last 3 weeks we have been learning more about our church (Newcomers class) with a certainty to join. Austin attended Metro kids; they had pizza and shopping fun. (The kids money was canned goods).  Ashleigh helped him shop and has bonded with a little girl in the class she teaches. Austin was so excited when he got home; therefore, we opened our gifts. While opening our gifts, he and Ashleigh had a story for each gift. He did a perfect job-he bought Dylan an Avenger fort (Dylan and Austin have been making forts.) Ashleigh received a coffee mug (an addition to her collection-score!). Chris was the hardest to shop for because Austin was contemplating between gifts. The perfect gift was a picture. I received a devotional book. What an awesome way to end our WONDEROUS WEEKEND. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

November Notes

November was a busy month and I didn't post anytime during the month. So here it is all in one clean swoop. 
 We started the month with my school running the Boosterthon Fun Run. Austin had a fun filled day and ran 35+ laps during this event. Thank you to all those that pledged!

 Having family fun at the Rockabilly Car Show. Ashleigh dressed like a 50's girl too.

 We celebrated Ashleigh's 17th birthday. Wow, she is growing up so fast. I am so proud of her compassionate heart, academic mind, and caring spirit. We celebrated her birthday with homemade lasagna, salad, and garlic bread--as well as strawberry cheesecake.
 Austin all dressed up for Career Day at school. He inspires to be a principal.
 Ashleigh and the school choir sing at a local event.
 One day Chris asks me to take a drive in the blue rocket because it needed to be driven. However, I did not realize the battery cable was not fully connected. Ashleigh and drove a couple of miles until all of a sudden, the car died and we were "stranded". Some very nice gentlemen pushed the car to a safe place (out of the road and not at the intersection). While we were waiting on Chris (and the boys) to pick us up, Ashleigh and I learned how to open the hood of the car and had several people offer to help us. (Imagine two blondes, a dog, and an old car---) One of the last helpers was driving a motorcycle and was a mechanic. He looked at the battery cable and attached the loose cable at the same time Chris was arriving. (Needless to say, Ashleigh and I had checked the battery terminal but not the battery cable area.) Anyway, we made use of this time and took time out for a selfie (and yes-Chompers was along for the ride too without a leash).

 Black Friday shopping--these are the mugs I had to choose from for Ashleigh. Honestly, she needs a rack like this for all her mugs. It was hard to decide which mug to get her, but I decided on 2.

 Coffee and pecan pie-However, I have decided that I must drink coffee after eating the pie.

Thanksgiving was untraditional, but family and fun! We started the morning going to the theater to watch Justice League. After the movie, we decided on Waffle House.  The afternoon was spent reading, working on the jeep, relaxing, playing games. We had potato soup for dinner.

On Friday, Helen and Jim visited. I cooked prime rib, sweet potatoes, green beans, homemade macaroni and cheese, and rolls. Helen always wants us to go around the table and tell about thankfulness.  On Saturday, we visited a local plantation, It was a beautiful day. We enjoyed family time and God's wonderous beauty. We walked many trails and saw many plants and flowers. Surprisingly many flowers were still in bloom. We also took a Nature Train ride and learned some history about the plantation. Austin and I loved learning about South Carolina's Native Americans and Henry Woodward as that is part of our Social Studies curriculum.

Our church had a family Thanksgiving dinner. This is what Austin completed as his serious and silly thankful. We love our church. We have so many things to be thankful for not only during this time of year, but all year long.