Tuesday, November 7, 2017

October Ends With Fall Fun

The end of the month continued to be busy. We had some cool weather, but mostly warm weather. Fall festival, my birthday (eating out several times-so turning 45 wasn't too bad), and trick or treating were all fun! Check out the pics!

 The boys are ready to trick or treat.
 Celebrating my birthday at Outback
 Fall Festival at our church. Super Heroes was the theme! Remembering Jesus as our Super Hero!
 Ashleigh served at the festival monitoring a game.

 I chose to have an apple painted on my arm instead of my face!
 Ashleigh  attending Cane Bay Drama Company's Murder Mystery

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

October for the Allen's

 This month we celebrate Dylan's awesome life and Down Syndrome Awareness. Dylan certainly has enhanced our lives We have seen God's grace and works through Dylan's life. Dylan's school year is going well as a big 8th grader. He continues to know someone everywhere we might be. He experienced Jr. Slam and SLAM, youth gatherings and worship at our church this summer. He continues to attend each Sunday evening. H absolutely LOVES this fellowship and fun.
 Ashleigh's love for music continues this year as she is a member of Cane Bay Chorale and Ladies Honor Choirs. They had their first performance earlier this month. She has been busy fundraising and choir events are starting to pop up. She was selected and attended SC ACDA this past weekend. She auditioned and was selected to attend Washington, D,C. and will sing with several others great singers in her choirs. I will get to attend too (as a chaperone). She and I recently met with her guidance counselor and she is definitely on track according to her Individual Graduation Plan. (Brag time and Proud Parent moment-She is 1 out 478 students in her class.) She continues to work at Trident Medical and attend classes at Trident Tech. At the end of this month, she will take her test to obtain CNA license. She enjoys helping the kids at our church each Sunday evening and other events.
 Austin is settling into 3rd grade! He LOVES his teachers! He recently was a champ at the dentist after unfortunately undergoing a lot of dental work. He enjoys Metro Kids at church where Ashleigh is his teacher. He secretly loves this!

Our neighborhood continues to be a kindness rock haven. I love finding and hiding rocks-melts my heart. Austin found the blue rock in our neighborhood on the way home from the dentist. Recently, we attended a Food Truck Night in our neighborhood. It was humid, but the food was good. Family time is always FUN!.Can't wait for more Fall days.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

It's October!

I truly can't believe October is already here. We have had a lot occur these last coin or of weeks. In early September, we traded Chris's diesel truck for a car for Ashleigh and a SUV for me. We are now a family that owns a classic with the 1963 Chevy II Nova  wagon, a Jeep, a truck, a SUV, and a car. Luckily, we are able to fit the wagon and jeep into the garage. We also no longer extend beyond the driveway. I am spoiled in my new vehicle and Ashleigh is loving her car too (although we both miss our trucks , these vehicles are perfect for us). Chris drives the camo truck and he loves.
We are continuing to restore and make changes to the jeep, but we have been able to drive on short rides. The boys LOVE it and Chris is so excited as this is their only interest in cars.
Austin tried out for chorus at CBE and I am proud to say I have another choir baby. He was apprehensive about trying out because he wasn't sure how "learning songs" worked. He has his first rehearsal this week! Ashleigh continues to do well academically and is also involved in choir and drama, as well as, serving as a teacher/helper sithnour elementary kids at our church. Dylan loves Jr SLAM and Chris and I joined a small group. We love it!

Cobra Crawl

thoughtful from Ashleigh

Friday, September 15, 2017

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Kindness Rock Craze

When I tell people that Ashleigh and I go rock collecting, some people look at me like I'm crazy and others understand the rock craze.  The Kindness Rock Project encourages people to create inspirational rocks and leave (hide) for others to find. Ashleigh and I embraced the phenomena this summer-not only by painting and hiding, but also with hunting. The hunting for rocks has become such a fun time for us. It is also a time for us to exercise as we walk the trails throughout our community. Some walks have been as long as 6 miles (definitely getting in more than 10,000 steps for all you FitBit users). These walks also include time for Ashleigh and I to talk about whatever----usually the whatever is life! I so enjoy these times (and secretly I think Ashleigh does too). We don't always find a lot of rocks, but the conversation is always great, and we also encounter many God sightings too. 
A night full of God sightings and few rocks

I painted these! (Yes-I teach 3rd grade)

rock painting

Ashleigh is serious about her rocks.

Some of our first finds

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma had us watching, preparing, and ready. School was cancelled on Friday, and we continued to watch the storm's track. We had planned to go to Georgia, if needed. Continuing to watch and deciding to stay on Saturday, we enjoyed the beautiful days of Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we had a hearty breakfast that I made along with the help of Chris and Ashleigh.  I organized some kitchen cabinets and Chris worked on the Jeep for a while. Ashleigh and I went rock collecting on Saturday and found lots of rocks and had mother-daughter conversation. On Sunday, we were able to go to our church service and later our family rode to the local islands to check out the mighty ocean. Chris and I strapped down the patio furniture and trash can and were ready for the rain and winds from our Tropical Storm warning and alerts. We watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 as a family (although we had seen it at the movie theater). On Monday, Chris made pancakes while I made eggs, bacon, and sausage. Throughout the day, the rain and wind came down and we had tornado alerts and flood advisory alerts. There were interruptions in satellite service, but we were able to listen to advisories as needed because our phones would alert us too. Today was a beautiful day! Chris worked on the Jeep and we took it for a ride throughout the neighborhood. Prayers and love to family and friends in Georgia and Florida.
A rock I found in a tree on my way home from Publix! 

All containers have tops!!

Austin on Thursday while I was getting gas