Monday, August 21, 2017

Summer Memories

Summer Days have flown by us (we have already even had 2 days of school-those pics for next post)

 This summer we started a weekly visit to Bigby coffee (We had several BOGO coupons and didn't use them all.) Each visit Ashleigh and I would sit outside under the umbrella. She would read and sometimes journal, sometimes we'd talk,sing, and have conversation. We also would have a weekly visit to Chick-Fil-A. The boys would play, we'd eat, and enjoy ice cream too. Sometimes I would read and people watch; other times when Ashleigh wasn't in class, she and I would talk.

 Rock hiding and collecting adventures-Fun, exercise, conversations with my girl.
 The boys gained a new responsibility-cleaning out the dishwasher. Ashleigh is so happy!
 Bible study for me with a group of teachers online--so fun and inspiring.  #teachersintheword
 Rock painting for our rock adventures. (Look at our shirts-we are wearing same colors--but opposite)

 Library visits each week. Books for me, boys choose their books and movies, Ashleigh chooses her books too. Reading grows the brain.

 Family fun at Chimney Rock.
 Family fun at Pappy and Grandma's house.

 Chris and I had a getaway to Nashville.

 The boys slept in a "fort" all summer long. Too cute!

Sometimes rock hunting wasn't all about rock collecting.

Dentist visit for the boys. Ashleigh went herself (no pic) :( Growing up too fast!!!

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