Friday, September 1, 2017

School is in full SWING!

This was the first week of school; however, this was the first FULL week with ALL 5 days. Week 1 was two days for the kids. Week 2 included a day off for the Solar Eclipse. Week 3 is this week. We have been busy adjusting our new routines from school to bedtime. While change always brings challenge, this week we are somewhat "getting into the groove of things". Ashleigh's schedule is beginning to become relevant, but the last few weeks have been trying. Thankful for teachers, counselors, the school principal, Ashleigh, and prayers for the dual-enrollment to begin to "click" for Ashleigh's academic load  and drive time.  Continue to pray for her over the next few weeks as all the people and places involved work together.  Dylan's 8th grade year thus far has been as if he never left school. Many classmates are the same and so are his teachers! YAY! Austin is also off to a great start in 3rd grade. He is across the hall from me (I rarely see him except at lunch). Pictures of the first couple of weeks with captions to explain some events!

Preparing for high school classes the night before her first day as a junior. She is also ending her summer dual enrollment summer session and began her fall semester class this week

Solar Eclipse-Yes we have the glasses,but it is cloudy and rainy. We were able to experience and see the darkness for 1 minute and 45 seconds, but not able to see the eclipse.

Sunday walks 

This is VBS this summer. Austin had a blast! Ashleigh did too as she served as a leader for younger kids. 

More summer

So I have began driving the "blue rocket" as Chris is driving the camo (black truck) and Ashleigh is driving the white (Chris's truck). Austin loves it! We drive across the street (thankfully especially on hot days). Chris is also working on a Jeep for us.

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