Friday, June 30, 2017

Library and Movies

First visit this summer to the library was a success! Ashleigh had reserved some books and she also got a few more. (She even bought a book. It was a bargain at 25 cents.) Dylan had no trouble finding book, but needed Ashleigh's help in deciding which ones to borrow this week. Austin chose his books mainly from the non-fiction section (I glad he is reading!), but he has many books from the Goosebumps series at home. Only 1 movie this time! That is ok because Dylan has been on a Guys and Dolls (Cane Bay High School Drama Company) watching spree too. He has watched the musical about 12-15 times; he has it memorized (I'm sure) and points to all of Ashleigh's friends during the production. 

The Cast

 Guys and Dolls pictures--Hart Photography

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