Tuesday, June 6, 2017


A few milestones along the way!

Teacher Appreciation Week May 2017-This year I was definitely blessed with an awesome class of eager learners that won my heart and passion for learning!

Breakfast of Champions 2017

Reading in the car!

Special Olympics-Track and Field 2017 (7th grade)

Dylan makes Honor Roll

Small sampling of college mail and Ashleigh is only a sophomore!

Yes-that is Ashleigh driving!

Chris brings a surprise to me at school!

I'm a Learning Cottage Cobra! (2016-2017)

Math Quest Team-CBHS-9th grade

Library Days in the Summer (Austin completed first and Dylan completed 6th grade.)

Governor's School of Music audition day! 2016

Double rainbow-this means my mom is thinking about me double as much! My heavenly angel-I love you, mom!

Field Day at CBM (8th grade)

Beach day during Spring Break

Before haircut

After-took a lot of convincing me that she would like it short, but it looks nice!

100th Day of School-Austin's shirt for kindergarten

Kaminsky's deserts

Out puppy-two months after we brought him home

Spelling Bee-8th Grade

Jr Beta Club Officer Induction -8th grade-CBM

A project for Chris and Jim

First days of puppy-This is Ashleigh's puppy and she is so excited! Chompers is such a cutie!

Buddy Walk

Boating and Fishing and Catching something each time!! Sharks, fish, stingray...

Austin and a goose (lots of geese present in our neighborhood-Austin age 4)

Fun in the Sun!

A view of the pond behind our house.

Fishing Fun!

Speech Quest Champion

Construction on our home


New school year (and yes glasses after having eyes checked that took me a while to understand that she was having headaches from vision--terrible mom--but now all is good!)

school pic 7th grade Cairo

All is good with pizza!

Dancing, a love of Ashleigh!

Selling our home in Ga

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