Monday, June 5, 2017

School for the kids-2013/2014

7th for Ashleigh (She did not ride with me to CB. Chris took her to school each morning and was able to pick her up some afternoons. Sometimes she even rode the bus. However, the school was close to our tiny apartment-where we lived year 1 after our move.)

Family Fun Night at Ryan's
(Do you know who is behind the Garfield mask?)

(Who is behind the Opie mask?)

What about this Garfield mask?

School Picture of Ashleigh in 7th grade
Cario Middle

Choir Performance

Dylan attending CBE, 4th grade, and receiving award.

Happy Birthday, Dylan

Happy New Year!

Snow in SC

Quest Competition-She takes the WIN in the Speech Competition for Tri-County!


Austin as a 4 year old.

Field Day for Dylan

Last Dat

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