Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma had us watching, preparing, and ready. School was cancelled on Friday, and we continued to watch the storm's track. We had planned to go to Georgia, if needed. Continuing to watch and deciding to stay on Saturday, we enjoyed the beautiful days of Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we had a hearty breakfast that I made along with the help of Chris and Ashleigh.  I organized some kitchen cabinets and Chris worked on the Jeep for a while. Ashleigh and I went rock collecting on Saturday and found lots of rocks and had mother-daughter conversation. On Sunday, we were able to go to our church service and later our family rode to the local islands to check out the mighty ocean. Chris and I strapped down the patio furniture and trash can and were ready for the rain and winds from our Tropical Storm warning and alerts. We watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 as a family (although we had seen it at the movie theater). On Monday, Chris made pancakes while I made eggs, bacon, and sausage. Throughout the day, the rain and wind came down and we had tornado alerts and flood advisory alerts. There were interruptions in satellite service, but we were able to listen to advisories as needed because our phones would alert us too. Today was a beautiful day! Chris worked on the Jeep and we took it for a ride throughout the neighborhood. Prayers and love to family and friends in Georgia and Florida.
A rock I found in a tree on my way home from Publix! 

All containers have tops!!

Austin on Thursday while I was getting gas

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